Our Engagement Story

So we have been back from our trip for a couple of days now and Banff feels like such a dream and being engaged just feels unreal! We are so happy and so crazy excited to start planning our wedding! My Pinterest right now is just filled with wedding dresses🙈 haha.

Well some of you are probably wondering or wanting more details about how we got engaged! Well on March, 8th (our 4th anniversary) I woke up to a bunch of the sweetest gift from him. He got me See’s candy, my favorite, and he wrote the sweetest things on the back of them! Also he got me a HP Sprocket which I have wanted since forever! He made the morning and day feel like it was another magical anniversary. Part of me did wonder if he was going to propose in Canada on our anniversary, but honestly I really didn’t know for sure and everything was such a surprise.

Anyways we woke up super early for sunrise and walked around the town of Banff before everyone was awake and the town was still. Perfect for in town photos! Got Starb (Starbucks) as usual. Had a full day of going to almost all the sights and lakes around the Banff and Lake Louise area. Two Jake Lake, Lake Minnawanka, Lake Louise, Bow lake, and then finally ended at Peyto Lake, which had the most gorgeous views! It was about a 1.5 mile round trip to get to Peyto Lake and it was sooooo cold! I believe it was somewhere around 20F and it was a bit windy! Once we were at the lookout we started taking photos as usual and lucky for him I have been wanting to get goofy cute couple photos at that exact location so after he took a bunch of just me he set up the tripod and pushed the 10 sec camera timer button. We did this 2 or so times taking cute photos of him lifting me up, us holding hands, and just completely goofing off. Then on the last time instead of him pushing the timer button he clicked record, me clueless as usual didn’t notice got into pose and froze all smiles. I then just heard him say my name and then he was holding my hands my eyes were already tearing up. I have been waiting for this moment for what it feels like forever and at the same time yesterday. Everything just felt so perfect, so dream like. I love him so crazy MUCH! I SAID YES! To my best friend! To the love of my life! To my soul mate!💕

After that magical event we practically froze to death taking more photos of course of the ring and then hurried back to the car haha! Once we were all warmed up Nick pulled over at a viewpoint and Nick surprised me my last gift of the day which was a journal the he has been writing in for 50 days, every day before he popped the question. Each day was a new love letter and it is so beautiful! He is honestly the best thing that has ever happened to me! He has the most beautiful soul and he is going to make the best husband one day! I don’t know how I got so crazy lucky!!😭💗

The day ended with us going to the coolest retro bowling ally called High Rollers. We ate Pizza, laughed, goofed off, and stared at my ring. The day could not have been anymore perfect! I love our story💗


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