Soul Mates + Tulip Festival

WARNING: I get a little Philosophical in the post! If it’s not for you, no hard feelings!💗

I had this interesting thought the other day while in my Yoga teacher training about soul mates. We were on the topic of Reincarnation. Little note: for those of you who do not know Yoga is NOT a religion, its more of a way of life. Part of Yoga is actually practicing a religion outside of it. Reancartion is apart of religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism which are religions that were created around the same time as Yoga was, over 5,000 years ago in India. Meaning Yoga and Hinduism are not the same, they stand apart from each other. Anyways throughout my life been very openminded about religion and never really had a true strong solid belief system (future blog post coming soon on this topic). Meaning I have always played with the idea in my head of past lives, old/young souls, and reincarnation. If you believe in just one life and then you move on to heaven or wherever, the concept of soul mates is a beautiful thing; however if you believe in reincarnation I feel like it has a whole new meaning. It’s not just two people who were meant to be with each other, found each other, loved each other, lived their lives together, died together, and moved on together. Instead it could possiblely be two souls that have been searching for each other for lifetimes (LIFETIMES!) and finally found one another. I do believe that not everyone ends up or finds their SOUL mate. Everyone has one! But not everyone finds them. Sorry to be depressing. I believe people find the love of their life all the time, but the love of your “life” might not be your “soul” mate. If that makes any sense. The difference is, is that the love of your life is just your love for that one life. Your soul mate on the other hand is the person that you are forever meant to be with. The person that God and the Universe wants your to be with/ meant you to be with. Some may call that destiny.

Now on to the big question that you may be thinking. “Do I believe Nick is my soul mate?”

Yes, 100% yes. I have never felt so connected, so safe, so at peace with anybody. And in some ways I feel like I have been searching for him for years years, maybe even lifetimes, and some days I’m even scared that I will have to try and find him again. This is where my faith kicks in, and where I have to reinsure myself that I will spend the rest of eternity with him. And that I need not worry. To tell you the truth some days this is extremely hard for me to wrap my brain around.

Anyways on more of a light note, the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festive in Woodburn, Oregon was gorgeous and I am so happy that I was able to go this year!! It was probably one of the first places that I have ever been where we don’t feel like the odd ones taking pictures and setting our camera on a timer to get that cute couple pic! haha. The whole place was just swarming with young couples, where the guy had the camera and was taking pictures of their gorgeous girlfriends in the tulips. It was so funny to see everyone out there! I definitely recommend if you go there, I feel like going there earlier in the day is the best so that it’s not so bright that it washes out all the colors in your photos. We were there at the end of the day and although we got some great photos, a lot just didn’t turn out the best due to lighting. Next year Nick and I plan on going as early as possible and see how that works out haha.

Anyways I hope you are having an amazing day!





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