Beach Trip + 12 Things

Hi guys!! I wanted to try out a 12 things post! I’m not sure if this is a well known series that many bloggers do, or something that originally started with Amber Fillerup. Either way I am excited to see how it goes! I think its perfect for the times when I have a lot going on it life, but no ONE big topic that I could write a whole post about.

  1. Well first thing first, Nick and I kinda felt terrible that we completely forgot to take any photos of us with each other on our 3 year anniversary!!! UGH! haha😅.  We always forget to do this unless we have something specifically planned like our of Valentines photos. Note: 99% of of photos we take of both of us are always taken with a tripod and a timer.
  2. I am already 6 months done with my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training!!! I am sooo beyond pumped!! It feels so good to feel like I am finally on my right career path/ a career path at all haha. I’m also really excited to start piecing together classes and teaching! I am crazy nervous as well!
  3. I have been lately considering getting a tattoo which is something I thought I would never say. I’m thinking a small doodle-like sun on my right ankle and moon on my left. This would represent balance, yin and yang, reminding me on a daily basis during my yoga practice to remember those things and why I chose yoga.
  4. I have been watching reruns of Say Yes the Dress and Four Wedding with all my free time when I’m not working and Nick’s at school haha😅. I can’t wait to look for my dress one day!! I know exactly what I want! and I’m so excited to share that experience with all of you in a year or so!😇
  5. Recently I started drinking tea! I have never really been a fan of it until I started my teacher training where everyone drinks tea and they always making me cup. I really like the Yogi Detox teas.
  6. I got a new job!! I am working at the front desk at Body Bliss Yoga in downtown Vancouver!
  7. In the middle of reading the book “You are a Badas: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and start Living an Awesome Life”.  GOSH! It is such a GREAT book!! Definitely a MUST read! It’s also an easy read for those of you who aren’t the biggest readers!
  8. I can not wait for SUMMER! I am definitely a sun worshiper haha😎☀️I just love to lay out in it and feel the heat warm my body. Not to mention I love being tan!
  9. About 2 weeks ago I got a membership at Planet Fitness haha. I did it more for Nick than for myself because he has had a membership there for quite awhile, but barely uses it because he would rather just spend time with me. So now that I have a membership we can workout and be together. I got to say I like it more than I thought I would. For years now I have had at-home workouts that I have created that I try to do 5 times a week and I also practice Yoga daily, so I was a little like “I don’t need no gym”.
  10. For those who don’t know I have a Yoga Instagram account that you are welcome to follow and watch my progress and journey with yoga. It’s @willowpixie_yoga Thanks everyone who already have followed! That honestly means the world to me!
  11. YETI tumblers are no joke! I got one the other day and I made tea in it and it took over 2 hours for it to finally cool down!!
  12. Last, I finally figured out how to link clothes to the bottom of blog posts! Hope you like because I love it! I even linked Nick’s jacket!



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