OUR MINIMOON | Oregon Coast

I could not have had a more wonderful honeymoon with my love! Feeling so grateful that we were able to get away even just for 3 days and enjoy one another! I couldn’t have asked for anything more perfect! Even compared to our original plan of a 2 week Bali honeymoon (now pushed off till next June, thanks Corona) I think I would still pick our little beach trip to Manzanita OR. Which I know is crazy! However going somewhere that was only a couple hours away, being able to be on our own time, not trying to make flights or check in or checkout times and being somewhere that we had been before where we didn’t feel pressure to explore or go see the sights was perfect. The trip was truly about us and I would not have had it any other way! Us being adventurers and content creators our Bali trip would have been go go go even with it being our honeymoon and that’s not what a honeymoon should be. You might be thinking well you still kinda took a crazy amount of photos in such a short trip and you know you’re right. I realized something on this trip and that is, photoshoots are our love language. Honestly tho! I love being his model. He makes me feel so beautiful. And he loves and adores taking photos of me. If it wasn’t for him forcing me to pose and take photos with him back in high school I would still hate getting my photo taken. I would still be just as self conscious and I would have never have pursued becoming an influencer.

Hope you enjoyed all my Minimoon photos! I’m so excited to start sharing my wedding photos with you guys this week!


Willow Benko



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