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Hope everyone is staying sane during this crazy time! We will get through this and come out even stronger with so much more appreciation of the beautiful lives we take for granted.

Early March Nick and I purchased of first home together which has made this self quarantine a lot easier for me, allowing me to have something happy to focus on as well as a place to basically escape to when I get cooped up in my home. (I am still living with my parents and won’t be moving into the new house till June, although Nick and our cat, Salem have already moved in). I have already started decorating with things that I have collected over the years and have been trying to get creative with little details!

This is what brings me to making recipe cards! Recently I just had my birthday and my aunt bought me the cutest lil recipe card box from Target, that I have had my eye on, as well as a ton of old handwritten recipes that were my Great Grandmothers. The gift brought tears to my eyes and got me thinking, I want to have my favorite recipes written down for my grandchildren one day as well, in hopes that they might appreciate it lol. Plus I’m not much of a cook, but if I make things fun and pretty it’s more of a incentive! So I then scoured the internet trying to find cute recipe cards and I wasn’t sold. SO I MADE MY OWN!

Mine are a very simple design, 4 colors, a spot on the front for a printed picture or a drawing if you are into that, as well as space on the back for more directions or ingredients if needed! The size of them are about 5.6″ x 4″ If you cut exactly on the line and a little bigger if you cut outside of the line like I did in the photos. I feel like this gives a bit more of a finished look.

In the download there are 4 pages, 2 of which are the fronts and 2 are the backs. They are made to be double sided however PRO TIP: depending on how smart or dumb your printer is if you use a thicker paper like I did and put it on the setting of double sided the formatting on the back side might not line up properly. My printer had this problem. So for me I would put like 5 papers in, print the first page on all of them. Then put those papers back in and print the backside on them. Takes a bit more time, but solves the problem!

Hope you love them as much as I do or this inspired you to create your own! And if you have any issues with the download just let me know


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