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So excited to be working with Fluytco! Their products have been such a blessing in my life recently! Nick and I have less than a year till the wedding. LESS THAN A YEAR!😱 The last 4 months have already flown by so quick! If it wasn’t for Fluytco’s Future Mrs Wedding planner I would be an absolute mess right now! This planner has helped me stay on track. It reminds me month to month what I need to focus on, plan for, and what NOT to focus on. All at the same time showing me the big picture when it comes to budget and the wedding coming together. Something I really love about this planner compared to other planners is that it is very customizable, which I am ALL FOR! For example, on the month to month pages there are slots/checkboxes that you can add in your own to-dos/goals. As well as any events/appointments that are happening that month. Another example of customizable space is near the back of the book, there are just some blank pages that are labeled things like “Venue”, “Dress”, “Decor & Theme”, and “Food & Drink”. I plan on using these pages as fun little vision boards/collages of what I am envisioning. If you are a list maker, you could always use that space to make lists of all the “musts”. Then when you do go to appointments with either the venue, or dress shopping you can bring this planner with along to show the suppliers your vision.

What’s Inside?

  1. Monthly To Do pages
  2. Budget
  3. Supplier pages (Venue, dress, accessories, cake, florist, flowers, photographer, photography checklist, supplier plan.)
  4. Guest List
  5. Seating Plan
  6. Inspiration pages (those awesome blank pages I was talking about!)\
  7. Order of Service
  8. Bridal Party
  9. The Venue Layout
  10. Emergency Kit (Literally the cutest!)
  11. Music
  12. Vows
  13. The Honeymoon
  14. Guestbook

If you are trying to plan a wedding this is definitely a MUST! Especially if you are not hiring a wedding planner. This is also such an amazing gift for a newly engaged couple. It would take a lot of stress off them!

Where to get it yours? Click here.

Hope you enjoy!



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