Stuck in the “IN BETWEEN”

If you’re like me you might feel sometimes tired or bored, just pushing all of your dreams off till the next chapter, next step. That next step might be moving out, getting married, graduating college, or some big life event that you find yourself saying all the time in your head “things will be different when ____”, “I will start doing this after _____”, and “Why can’t _____ just happen already!”.

Little fun fact about me, from like junior year of high school till about two years from now I was certain that I was going to start a blog, try to grow my instagram, and become an influencer right AFTER I got married and moved out, no sooner. And I was so very very stubborn about that and for the longest time no one would convince me otherwise. I was so convinced that it would be utterly impossible for me to do it while still living at home, not living with Nick (aka boyfriend, future everything, and also my photographer), and him still in college. Man was I wrong.

I’ll admit there are a lot of things that I still struggle with when it comes to creating content. For example very rarely do I post photos of the inside of my house. That’s because my house isn’t rigged for an instagram shoot, nor is every room just vlog ready for youtube. That may be our goal one day to have a very clean white, minimalistic home that no matter where you are in it, videos, photos, and stories will be gorgeous, but right now that’s not the case and that’s completly ok.

It’s totally healthy to have things to look forward to, but it is not healthy to push everything off till then.

One way to help this is to create goals of getting dreams done, accomplishments done, or even just little things like start drinking healthy smoothies for breakfast. Yes this is actually something really random that I always tell Nick that I will do as soon as we have our own place haha. To achieve these goals you must do one thing. That is to make that certain life event that you were pushing everything off till, your DEADLINE. See how much you can do and accomplish before then! Then when that time in your life comes around and you can look at where you have gotten yourself and not feel like you wasted away months maybe years of your life.

The one thing that separates people that go on to be successful (in whatever that they do) compared to to the average day folk, is that even when it seems that they can’t do anything (due to their platform, money, or whatever it may be to accomplish that), they still do SOMETHING, fill their time with something, even if its not perfect they find a way to work towards that end goal, that dream.

If two years ago I didn’t decide to start a blog and really give it a good attempt at creating content on Instagram even if it did just start out with one photo a week, I wouldn’t be where I am now if it wasn’t for that decision, that push I gave myself. Below are some photos of when my instagram feed started to change and morph into what it is now!

If I didn’t start when I did and if I really did push everything off till Nick and I got married and we moved out, I would have been at ground 0. Its taken me 2 years to figure out my style. As well as go through all of the learning curves when it comes to editing, taking photos, and blogging. It has taken me two years of crazy hard work, tears, and money spent until my Instagram started growing. And I couldn’t be anymore grateful that my dreams are actually slowing coming true before I even thought I was going to start them. I have made it a goal of mine to grow my blog, my instagram, and possibly even Youtube as much as I can BEFORE I move out, BEOFRE we get married.💕

The point I am trying to make is that we really in the end are only given so much time in our lives and we need to start filling our time with what we really enjoy, what we really are striving for, whatever that may be. There is no point in pushing things off that you want so badly. Start now. Start today. Give yourself that head start that most people keep avoiding.


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