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To start off your probably wondering what’s “Banff” all about if you haven’t already seen my latest Instagram post! Well for Christmas Nick surprised me with a trip to one of two places over our anniversary in early March: my favorite place I have ever been to and always talk about, Jackson Hole, WY, OR Banff, a place him and I always talk about going and will probably go again too on our honeymoon! Well for me it was an easy choice! BANFF!

I am so excited about this new adventure and chapter of our lives! I truly believe 2019 is going to be such a big year for both of us in so many ways! Both our Instagrams have been growing so so soooo quickly these last couple of months and we feel so blessed! Having our followings grow definitely makes us feel more reinsured that we are doing something right and makes us feel like all this work and love we put into all of our content is actually worth it!

With this new year I have decided to really give Youtube another try haha! I honestly had a blast creating my last video and the real reason why I stopped months ago was due to my love hate relationship with MY HAIR!!! Long story short over the summer I attempted to lighten my dirty blonde color to more of a bleach blonde and it went horribly wrong (my hair looked life a calico cat😳) So then had to spend a fortune on fixing it and getting the light blonde look I was going for! I loved my light blonde hair in pictures, but in real life and ON VIDEO it was just way too light pastel yellow and I kinda hated it haha. In the end I’m glad I did it, it was a good learning experience that apparently I needed, but honestly I LOVE my natural hair! Also my hair grows way too fast too keep up on that color and I also don’t have the money for it as well. So now I am trying to bring my hair back to its natural beauty which I have missed so much! And I recently just got it darkened and I LOVE IT! Anyways I feel more confident with Youtube now because of that, so I am going to give it another try haha😂

I also wanted to take the time to link a lot of the clothes and shiny things I have already purchased and/or already own that I plan on bringing on the Banff trip in March so just in case things sell out I don’t have to feel terrible about not linking everything earlier!


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