Self-Care Sunday: Your Vessel

I’m trying something new and I’m calling it “Self-Care Sunday”!! To be clear this is not a weekly thing or monthly thing for the moment. It’s more of a whenever I feel like it thing/I actually have a good topic thing, haha.

I am so beyond excited for this series because it really allows me to open up about how I go about my life and how I am always growing and learning new ways to take care of my mind and my body/vessel.

I want the first of this series to pretty much be me explaining a word that is going to be used so so frequently in it. That word is “vessel”. It simply means “your body”, “you physical form”, the “home in which your soul lives”.  I love looking at it in this way because it allows you to separate yourself from your body. Separate your physical and spiritual forms. About a year ago when I first started my Yoga training, I read a book called “Pilgrim, Living Your Yoga Every Single Day” by Britt B. Steele. This book of only 127 pages completely changed my life. Completely changed how I look at life, go about life, live life, and how I treat my body.

“Your body is not who you are nor what you are.

It is the vessel that you are using while you are here,

nothing more, nothing less.” -Britt

Looking at my body as this fleshy home (I know a little gross putting it that way) to my soul, to the light within me, has actually weirdly made me appreciate my body a thousand times more than I ever have in the past. I also understand how it can be hard to appreciate your mind, your soul, when you can’t even appreciate your vessel. The visual that everyone sees as you. Your physical form.

I now want to treat my body with the upmost respect that I possibly can. It makes me pause and think about what I put into my body, including food, drink, medicine, as well as energy (negative or positive).

Not only that, but what I put ON my body. Your beautiful outer layer: your skin, is your largest organ that makes up your vessel. That organ is also porous. Porous meaning it will soak up any chemical, product, or nutrient you put on it. Roughly 64% of it. Due to this I have been slowly switching over all of my makeup, hair, and skincare products to organic, natural, vegan, non-toxic, non-GMOs, etc, etc, etc. Haha I use to roll my eyes at people who obsessed on stuff like this, but here I am. I get it now, and I am so very grateful for that.

Any who, I am hoping that this series will allow me to share more of my story/journey about how one step at a time I am slowing transforming my little life for the better on things that I can easily control.


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