Valentine’s Day Essentials

What are my essentials?

Well tbh as long as I’m with my boy I couldn’t be happier! However Valentine’s day is the perfect excuse to doll up! Even if you are just going out with some girlfriends!

What am I wearing? Is more of the question!

Dress: From Vici , I got mine in the color mocha, however here is all the rest of the colors! I am beyond in love with this dress!! it is sooo COMFY! And I realized you can technically wear it in two different ways! In the pictures on their website it shows little fluffy sleeves where my pictures don’t. Thats because I actually prefer to wear it as a strapless, and no one would ever know any different unless you told them. Either way it is absolutely adorable!

Makeup: Too Faced. I am wearing their Better than Sex Mascara, Born This Way foundation (light beige), and their Sketch Marker in black.

Shoes: Prom shoes from forever ago! However I believe these are them.

Hope you have an AMAZING LOVING Valentine’s Day tomorrow!!



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