Hello 2018

New Year’s resolutions. Everyone has them, even if it is just a small little something they want to change or start doing. Usually I find them silly because I always feel like if people want to start doing something different with their life they should start asap, not wait until the next year to. This year my “GOAL” (New Years resolution) is to start living my Yoga everyday. This does not mean get on my mat and do a couple flows for 30 mins, this means to me, do what makes me happy, do what benefits me, and live simply. Within this goal there are a BUNCH of goals that hopefully won’t be too much the chew! Some of them are things that I already do, but want to keep up on, and some are completely NEW adventures!


  1. Practice my yoga both on and off of the mat. Its been 3 months since I started my Yoga teacher training and I really want to implement some of my learnings into my life. I have already started, but I want to continue! Hopefully soon I will do another post about this in more detail!
  2. I am going to start a separate Yoga Instagram account so I can kinda track and show my progress over time.
  3. YOUTUBE. Yes I think I might start a youtube account haha. Nick bought me a bunch of camera gear for Christmas so I already feel like a pro haha. I look forward to that new adventure!
  4. Save money! I hate to admit it but between spending money for clothes, luggage, and god knows what for Hawaii over the summer and buying Christmas gifts I AM BROKE… I need to get another part time job to fill my time since I quite collage haha so that should help with this problem. I hope to make enough money that I sent really know what to do with even if I tried to spend it all.
  5. I want to just breath.  I want to continue on with my beautiful life and just breath. I want to be able to take a step back no matter what the situation, take a deep breath to either A. calm myself or B. remind myself to have gratitude for what I have been given and what I have and what the future holds.


Cheers to a year of actually completing resolutions! 🥂


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  1. Nick
    January 4, 2018 / 7:25 am

    Awesome! Great content and a total babe! Adorable pictures😉

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