DAY 1: Friday

  1. Woke up at God knows when and made our way to the airport.
  2. landed in Honolulu for a connecting flight and got on a hopper to KAUAI!!!
  3. Not much more happened the rest of the day other than getting there, getting our rental cars (2 of them to fit the whole fam! There are 9 of us!!!)
  4. We are staying in Princeville in a rental house! The house is honestly HUGE! I’m so excited for tomorrow because we are going to go the Queens Bath!
  5. We ate at The Dolphin. AMAZING fish and chips! The type of fish was Ono and it was soooo good!

DAY 1 VIDEO: Hawaii Vlog Day 1

DAY 2: Saturday

  1. Checked off yet another thing on my bucket list by swimming in the Queens Bath! WOW it is so beautiful! It’s really neat how calm the water is inside of it! It also has a couple good rocks to jump off of that are pretty safe! Haha I’m always about safety first, because if someones going to get hurt it’s going to be me. The hike down isn’t terrible; however there is not much parking and if parking is full the neighborhood says to leave and then come back later. Luckily the house we are staying at is literally 2 mins walking distance from it, so that wasn’t one of our worries! The Hike is very muddy so NO FLIP FLOPS! A good pair of tennis shoes that you don’t care about or maybe some Tevas would be perfect! The trail isn’t the best for little ones; however all possible haha. Once you get to the lava rocks just keep hiking left/west until you come across it! Be sure to skip the Kings Bath which you will see on your way, it’s a little sketch haha. No worries the Queens bath is totally safe as long as your there at low tide!
  2. Everywhere I look there are little lizards everywhere!! They are so Precious! I love them! Around our pool they keep sunning themselves in the sunshine!
  3. We got take out from Hideaways pizza and it was soooo YUMMY!
  4. Took some cool pool pics of my flamingo haha. I literally bought that stupid thing like 3 years ago for way too much money before those pink flamingo floats became really popular and cheap.. I love flamingos so I just had to buy it.. I wish I would have known they would have become so popular. Also yes I packed it in my luggage.
  5. We found a itty bitty frog! And when I say itty bitty, I mean itty bitty! it was probably about half the size of a tic tac! It was so CUTE! My mom put it on her finger and it stretched its little back legs out! We really have to watch our step at night because there were so many.
  6. Realized how much I don’t really like salt water, haha. It’s not terrible, but it make my hair feel so sticky! Also gives me these little cute curls around my face! I guess that’s a pro haha!

DAY 2 VIDEO: Hawaii Vlog Day 2

DAY 3: Sunday

  1. Today was drive around the island day haha! Since we are staying on the North shore and there is no road that connects though the Napali Coast, we knew that when we decide to drive to all the way to the canyon we had to hit everything down there!
  2. Tree tunnel (you just drive though it)
  3. Waimea Canyon, was super neat although it did get foggy at the top.
  4. “black beach”. It looks like the Pacific Northwest’s sand haha. It’s not really black, but for some reason I made the mistake to sit in it…
  5. Next was glass beach which was also a bit of a joke since there wasn’t really that much glass and there were soooo many people collecting pieces of glass to keep! It made me so MAD! No wonder there was none.
  6. Well I ate swordfish 😲 Kauai Island Brewery Company (south side) it was ok… it was kinda a weird texture and was purplish in color which kinda threw me for a loop. It was also really cool to see all the retro games in the upstairs of the restaurant! The restaurant itself was great tho!

DAY 3 VIDEO: Hawaii Vlog Day 3

DAY 4: Monday

  1. Well today was.. DRUM ROLL PLEASE… Tubing day!!! Today we went to Kauai Backcountry Adventures and got to tube down old sugar cane canals! It was honestly so NEAT! Went by fast; however completely worth it. We wore hard hats and gloves so the tunnel walls wouldn’t scruff us up haha. It was a really cool experience. Completely recommend!
  2. On our way back home the rain hit like it usually did around mid dayish, and everyone was so pooped that we decided to check out one last stop, Hanalei Bay just to see… it poured.. what a dumb idea. I don’t know if we thought it was going to clear up or something, but we found a little park and just kinda chilled for a bit till we were all done and wanted to go back to the house.
  3. That night we got takeout from the North Shore General Store(pizza) and from some Mexican place in Princeville and I honesty can’t remember the name of it..
  4. Sorry for the lack of photos today! We took more video than photos today..

DAY 4 VIDEO: Hawaii Vlog Day 4


  1. Well to start off the day and to get out of the house since everyone this morning was very slow moving, Nick and I decided to ride bikes around the neighborhood! It was so nice other than the fact that I kinda forgot how to ride a bike.. haha😅 oops. I blame the bike, but we all know it’s really the user.
  2. Next on our bucket lists for Kauai was a boat tour of the Napali Coast which was honestly stunning and quite a sight! We even got to see dolphins!
  3. In an attempt to eat all the food we bought down there, we had scrambled eggs, hash browns, and Mac and cheese for dinner.. it was interesting however amazing when you’re starving

DAY 5 VIDEO: Hawaii Vlog Day 5


  1. To start off the day right we went to Wishing Well shaved ice(shaved ice, coffee, smoothie bowls, and more) It’s definitely a good stop even if it’s just for a quick photo.
  2. Went to Anni beach. Not a bad place to snorkel and swim. There was a strong current once you past a couple of sand bars, but as long as you just kept inside those you would be fine. There we also chickens everywhere! And baby chicks all up and down the beach! People obviously feed them. And when I say people I mean people like my mom haha!
  3. A really good large group activity was the Luau we went to. After researching luaus on Kauai we quickly realized there aren’t that many places on Kauai itself. Most the places we found were on the big island; however we found one called the Smith Family Garden Luau. Can you say WOW!? It was quite the production! I would describe it as a small Hawaiian theme park haha no joke! When they open the gates they put us all on little trollies and hauled you around the “park”, which is like a manicured large garden. Honestly its hard to explain. After they drop you off you kinda have free range to wander around until dinner or until they unearth the pig(the best time to get photos since everyone goes to see that hehe😉 ). FOOD WAS AMAZING! Then after dinner we walked over to their outdoor auditorium area and watched the performance which was super cool and really made me was to learn how to hula haha.
  4. Goodnight!

DAY 6 VIDEO: Hawaii Vlog Day 6


  1. Well this morning was kinda like a catch up day of things we skipped on the trip around the island. We started off by going to Kapaa which had a cute little turquoise coffee shop that I have been dying to go to! Next was Poipu Beach once again. Sadly the tide wasn’t low enough like we were hoping it to be so Nick could get a cool pic of how there is a sand bar that connects to the little sand island right off the beach. Still great drone shots tho! This is honesty probably one of the best beaches in my opinion on the south shore.
  2. Went back to the house and found that everyone was still kinda waking up for the day haha. We were up so early!
  3. Quick stop at Kilauea Lighthouse then back on the road to Kapaa again with the whole fam this time. Kapaa is a really good place to shop. Lots of cute little shops with quite a range on prices which was nice. Everything wasn’t too cheap and everything wasn’t too expense. It was a good mix. Half the fam ate at Bubba’s Burgers (AMAZING! I wish there was one here in Washington!) and the other half ate at the Olympic Cafe(I heard it was really good, but that is all I know).
  4. Before the rain set in we were able to make it to two more quick stops before we ended the day in the hot tub like usual. One was Lydgate beach. Super cool place! Would be great for kids since it has a large man-made rock pool that you can swim in. Last stop was to Wailua Falls which is really cool, but cooler on a drone since there really isn’t a great view from the view-point. One pro is that you can drive right up to it. One of the few if only waterfall you can see without having to go on a hike.

DAY 7 VIDEO: Hawaii Vlog Day 7


  1. ITS OUR LAST DAY! It feels very bitter-sweet!
  2. Tunnels beach is a really neat stop on the side of the road on the North Shore of Kauai.
  3. We also did a little bit of shopping in Hanalei, I got a cute pair of pink floral goggles that have a nose cover because I can’t handle not getting water up my nose. I’m a great swimmer, but I always have a problem with that.
  4. Me and Nick got away from the pack and got pizza from North Shore General Store again and made our way to Hideaways Beach. That was quite the experience. It’s a short tail; however it’s so steep that it has ropes that you have to use to kinda repel yourself down even know you just hanging on and not strapped on haha. It wasn’t terrible. The beach was gorgeous tho! The sand was for fluffy and soft!
  5. To end our trip in the best way possible we ended with the place we started the whole trip at, Queen’s Bath. The most beautiful place! I honesty wish I could just go back to just to see it again! It was so convenient since the trail head was only 2 mins walking distance from the house. So Nick, my drunk cousin Caleb (haha its ok we looked after him, also he’s 24ish) and I made our way back down to Queen’s Bath. Since it was already getting dark there was almost no one there except for fisherman and the nicest couple Nick and I made friends with! They were honestly so nice and we all ended up walking back together in the pitch dark because we decided it would be better to stay a group since the trail is a bit sketch. On the trail I couldn’t even tell you how many huge toads we saw! They were EVERYWHERE.
  6. Ended my Night watching the stars with the love of my life and honestly I wouldn’t change a thing!

DAY 8 VIDEO: Hawaii Vlog Day 8


  1. I’m home and happy, other than the fact that I’m now having trouble breathing due to all the smoke in the air from all the fires.. Well it will feel good to be in my own bed at least!
  2. THANK YOU anyone who actually read this whole post haha!




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