I try not to watch YouTube too much, but when I do these are the channels I always find myself on! There are other channels I watch as well from time to time, but these are some of my favorites!

If you think of a good channel I should check out, please leave comment below! Thanks!


Lost LeBlanc

Only travel blogger I watch and that I know of that I can stand. Sometimes travel bloggers can get kinda get annoying sometimes if they just talk the whole time OR their whole blog is literally just drone shots. There is nothing really wrong with either, but if you don’t mix it up its easy to get bored. Lost LeBlanc, however does an extremely amazing job mixing beautiful drone shots with talking directly to the camera for parts, as well as adding humor. Most of his videos are around 8 to 15 minutes long! I watch 1 to 2 of them a day when I go on the treadmill haha. It’s the only time I ever watch his videos lol. They are good to workout too! Also the more videos you watch the more you get to know him and his girlfriend Laura! They are both super cute and extremely realistic and relatable!



I know lots of people hate her; however honestly I don’t care what other people think. I LOVE her videos and she will always be one of my favorite youtubers. Some of her videos are kinda dumb especially some of her older ones, but their are soooo many that honestly just kill me! She is the only youtuber that I have actually watched all their videos! She may not be the most appropriate sometimes, but she is real, and funny, and has 3 of the cutest little dogs that are precious. Also her boyfriend Julien is super funny and sweet! I make Nick watch a lot of her videos with me and he always enjoys the ones with Julien in it because he can relate to him a lot!


Zebra Corner

He only has a few videos and they are all super short, but they are so funny!! Its worth going to them and just watching a few! Most of his videos are just him making fun of commercials! its sounds stupid I know.. but honestly they are so so sooo FUNNY! Go check it out!


Yoga With Adriene

She is one of the biggest reasons I started doing yoga. She has taught me so much. Including breathing techniques, how to and how NOT to practice specific poses, as well as how to “find what feels good”. If you ever want to start practicing yoga and you don’t want to spend money on a membership, please please pleeeaaassee go look her up and check out her videos. She has so many different playlists of videos that make it really easy to find the perfect flow for you on that particular beautiful day. She has a bunch of different videos including… yoga for when your sore, yoga for beginners, yoga for a bad day, as well as many more. I also really enjoyed her couple of series she had made, which included, 30 days of yoga, yoga camp, and yoga revolution. these are all little series that you are supposed to do in one month, one video a day. They are wonderful and if you actually stick though it you will feel sooo good and benefit so much from the experience!


Tone It Up

This is the perfect channel for motivation! I recently just found this channel and I also follow the two girls who run it on instagram and they are so sweet and funny!! They have many amazing quick work out routines that you can easily do at home without a gym membership or equipment! They have been doing this for over 5 years and they definitely know their stuff. Their whole channel is also very organized by separating all the different workouts into playlists. For example, booty, legs and thigh, cardio and HILT, yoga, abs, arms, as well as total body workouts. If this summer you are looking to get into bikini shape then check them out! They even have their bikini series program that is really cool as well!


Cara Van Brocklin

I’m not much into watching beauty videos however she is one of my favorite bloggers and she makes really great hair tutorials. Most of her tutorials are about different ways to curl your hair. She also does a lot of product reviews that are really helpful, because I have found a lot of great products that I now use on a daily basis through her!


Amber Fillerup

She is literally the cutest! She is my favorite bloggers for sure!! She started out before she was big by making hair tutorials specifically with braids! If you have ever pinned a really unrealistic braid tutorial or picture on Pinterest before, you probably pinned her haha. Most of her videos are either hair tutorials or VLOGS with her cute little dream family! If you are interested in becoming one of those do it yourself hairstylists she is the girl for you! She’s the one who taught me how to dutch braid and now I do it probably twice a week with no problem! You would think I had been dutch braiding for years!


Nicholas Benko

So I’m not really into tech review videos; however this guy is sooo good!! He just started out not too long ago and he is already has produced amazing videos that are just as good as some of the top youtube tech reviewers, in my opinion! He already has 14 videos so go check them out!!  Not to mention he will also be coming out with many more soon! BONUS: he is really CUTE! But that does not mean he is available! Ladies he is NOT single!!


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