At the end of February I participated in my very first pageant through the Miss America program.

WOW! What an experience! I can’t even begin to describe how this pageant was such an amazing learning experience for me and how I grew so very much from it!

I may have not walked away with a crown; however I walked away with so much more, including new friendships, memories, self-confidence, an $8100 scholarship to the Air and Hospitality Academy in Vancouver, WA, and a new love for pageants.

Between practicing my talent (tap dance), learning how to walk in high heels, trying to remember to breathe during an interview (not just talking as fast as I can about God knows what lol), and going into the tanning salon 3 times a week to build up my first ever tan, It was extremely stressful. Honestly adding school into that schedule was toughy. It’s not for everyone; however going into it with a mindset that it’s not about winning it’s about the experience and everything else you take away from it is what it’s all about, and you’ll enjoy it more if you do so.

I do plan on competing next year now that I have the knowledge of how a pageant operates and the experience that comes with it. In this next year I want to kinda document my journey and the steps I take in order to prepare myself for Miss Clark County 2018. A YEAR OF PAGEANT PREPARATION.

One thing that I wish I would have known last year is that starting early when it comes to practicing is KEY! At the end of last December I got my wisdom teeth pulled and that honestly just wrecked everything. Because of this I only had about a month or so of practice which I didn’t do much of due to being busy with school and just flat out laziness.

If you decide that you want to enter a pageant, figure out everything early! Have your platform down, know you talent by heart, buy your dress, get in shape, and get everything out of the way as early as possible. You can thank me later, because when the pageant is only a month away you’re not going to have time to be doing last minute things and have extra stress on your plate. You’re going to want to kick your workout up a notch, eat extremely healthy, drink SO much water, clear your mind of any stress, and prepare yourself for an unforgettable night!



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