While being back in my own home, sleeping in my own bed, and having wifi/any internet connection whatsoever may be nice…. going camping is always such a treat! It’s like time for me to take a break from everything. This includes technology (phone, DS, Xbox, TV, laptop), exercise, as well as healthy foods.. haha. Very guilty🙈. Its definitely interesting how in some ways camping is so good for you, it gets you away from your social medias and gets you outdoors and moving; however THE FOOD! The food and drinks we bring camping are so hard not to resist! I wouldn’t say that I’m on a diet of an sort when at home, but I definitely keep track of what I am consuming especially with drinks! At home I only allow myself to drink lemon water and occasionally a lemonade. I will NEVER go back to drink 4 cans of Pepsi a day! Sooo very guilty…🙈🙉🙊

Honestly when it comes to going on vacation or even just a quick road trip give yourself a break when it comes to dieting of any sort! Whether you are on a strict diet or you simply just stay away from candy or junk food, please just live a little! We both know you probably won’t be able to keep up with it on vacation, and if you are hard on yourself the whole time for not sticking to your “diet” you’re not going to enjoy yourself! If you just make a set plan in your head to live a little. Then when you come back home, you can continue on with your healthy habits which will make you happier in the end and feel more control over you life. This may seem strange, but having this mindset will be a lot healthier for you than beating yourself up for having that extra s’more!

Sorry for that little rant.. anyways I had a ton of fun camping and showing Nick the place I grew up camping at! I remember being little and feeding the Chipmunks and old people telling my mom that she shouldn’t let her little girl do that because I’m going to get rabies haha! No really it is actually extremely rare for a small critter to get rabies let alone for you to actually see one out in about because rabies affects them so badly that they usually just kinda curl up and die.. I know, sad right? So for the chance to see a small rodent with rabies and it actually comes up to you and eat out of your hand is literally close to impossible! I also remember my parents always setting me up a little kiddy pool in the middle of our campsite! idk why we don’t still do that haha!

Moving on from that topic! We went on a little hike from wizard falls! It was quite beautiful; however longer than I expected haha! I love hiking but with my bad feet and knees it can be kinda a pain, literally. Also we went to Scout Lake and the water was so nice! I sat on this huge log probably for over an hour or so and man did my butt hurt the next few days! What a mistake! During all that my mom was running around chasing this little salamander! She finally caught him and walked around with him for a little while! She is so CUTE! So was the salamander haha!  

All in all it was a great trip full a great memories of playing games, feeding the wildlife🙊, doing yoga by the river, and eating tons of food! Can’t wait till our next camping trip!

P.S. If you want to feed chipmunks go to the The Mouth of the Metolius trial!  

Also note that bikini top is reversible and the other side is stars like shown in my photos!


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